Three Days workshop

The workshops are in a form of three days meeting and will consist of both open air activities and photography processing.

Date: 18/19/20 MAY Indonesia- BALI

Price: 1000$

Accomodation and lunch is included.

What will You learn during the workshop?

I will do my best to give You the information, that will help You in realising your photographic vision , as well as aid You in Your day to day work with the customers.
The questions I will try to answer:
• How to get ready for a session
• How to work with a customer, also a difficult one
• How to bring out emotions of a model and create good mood during a session
• How to negotiate with a customer
• Where and when to take photos
• What to avoid during open air sessions
• What to take for open air
• How to work with light
• How to organise photos
• How to bring out colours, add contrast and change simple squares into magic dust
• How to improve Your work
• How to create and modify Your own actions, etc.
• How to look for Your own style and Your own colours
And much more 

How to prepare for the workshop

Dear participant, please remember, that how much you are going to enjoy the workshop, depends also on you. 
To get all the information You need, please make a list of subjects and questions, for which You would like to get an answer.
Don’t hesitate to ask. 
Cooperate with others.
Take your lens with you 70-200 or 135mm or 85mm.
Take a notebook and a laptop, if You want to edit during the workshop.
If You have any questions before the workshop, remember I’ll be happy to help.



Start –12;00
• Aperture, depth, focal length, time – subjects You well know, but still worth repeating before going to open air (this stage is often omitted if the group doesn’t need it)
• Clothing – the role of accessories, colours and clothes in composition
• Stages of making a creative image – what, how and when to photograph to create a consistent outcome
• Work on self – motivation for self-development, impact of chosen goals on further photographic activities
• Work with a customer – striking a balance in negotiations
• Portfolio – discussion on some of my works, that will be a base for learning to create compositions

16:00 – Open air
• Preparing for work with a model
• A few words on emotions – what we want to show and how to work with the model to make the future cooperation possible
• Clothing the model together
• Working on the open air place

We’re going into open air. Together we’ll create extraordinary atmosphere, that will make the pictures outstanding.


7;00 ( or earlier )

Second morning shooting- catching the sunrise light


We fathom the secrets of postproduction.

• Selection of pictures in Adobe Bridge

• Choosing best shots and discussing them in short

• Firts step of postproduction in Adobe Photoshop CC

Watching me editing, asking questions, learning individual steps and PS tools

16;00 Summarize the day,

17:00 Evening time- It would be great to spend this time with You.



• Postproduction in Adobe Photoshop CC

Postproduction is divided into two stages:

A) Watching me editing, asking questions, learning individual steps and PS tools

B) Individual work on your own pictures, with my surveillance 😀

17:00 Summary, Conclusion