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By purchasing my course you get lifetime access. This means that you will be able to return to learning whenever you want


The courses are created so that you can follow my steps and you can get the desired result. You will also easily transfer the knowledge to your staff


In each course you can ask direct questions and also use questions asked by other users


All courses are recorded with sound. When processing, you don't have to keep up with the subtitles just focus on your own work


Most courses include additional material, such as RAW files, often actions, and other needed topics


The courses are placed on my server. In my academy I try to improve something all the time so that you can work with more pleasure


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I have created a collection of courses that will help you improve your photography skills and stimulate your creativity.
All courses are designed so that by following my steps you can achieve a similar end result, but most importantly, so that you can independently apply the knowledge gained in your own frames.

I’ve prepared a small sample for you mixed from several different tutorials so you can see what it looks like from the inside.

I always take care of the quality of the recordings and the clarity of the message to make learning with me a pleasure for you.

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academy of creative photography

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mariola glajcar

About the author of the courses

Full of passion, perseverance and sensitivity. She dedicated her entire self to photography, with hard work winning numerous titles and awards. She has been ranked among the top 10 global children’s photographers on 35awards several times, and won first place in the CPC International Children’s Photography Competition in the Fine Art category. She has also been honored by Vouge, Lens Culture, Sony World Photography Awards, Tokyo International Foto Awards and Annual Photography Awards. She has been repeatedly invited to workshops and conferences on almost all continents. Its main goal, however, is to show people how beautiful the world can be. Her love is creative photography, the kind that allows the wings of imagination to spread, transporting us to an unknown land. Mariola transforms such dreams into reality, adding a touch of magic to it.

mariola glajcar

Why learn with me


I have been involved in photography for 10 years. During this time I learned all its secrets and nuances.


I graduated with a degree in psychology. As a result, I know how to impart knowledge in an organized and understandable way


Photography is not just a profession for me. I love what I do and it allows me to stimulate my creativity and yours


My contact with you does not end with workshops or tutorials. You can also count on my help later

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To meet your expectations from January 2023, all tutorials will be available forever. This means that you can return to your course whenever you want

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